Sunday, May 23, 2021

Meat-n-3s in Nashville

 I know there are many, many more, but here are a few that tourists should be able to find easily. 

What is a mean-n-3? It's a restaurant that offers a selection of meat entrees plus a variety of vegetable sides...and yes, macaroni and cheese is considered a vegetable in the south!  So basically, it is a serving of meat plus 3 side items and choice of bread. Of course, you can always get a vegetable plate which would consist of 3-4 side items. 


605 8th Avenue S., Nashville, TN 37203    615-256-4455

A classic staple of Nashville’s lunchtime crowds. There will be a line, but it’s cafeteria-style. The hours are limited to Monday through Friday 10:30am to 2:45pm and Saturday 10:30am to 5pm.


Elliston Place Soda Shop

2105 Elliston Place, Nashville, TN 37203    615-327-1090

Elliston Place Soda Shop has moved from its original location, but is still as good as it always was. They serve breakfast all day. But they are known for their burgers and milkshakes. They have a daily meat choice of meatloaf, pot roast, turkey & dressing, and fried chicken along with other daily specials.


Wendell Smith’s

407 53rd Avenue N., Nashville, TN 37209    615-383-7114

Wendell Smith’s serves breakfast starting at 6am. They have a little bit of everything from sandwiches to burgers to meat-n-3s. They have roast beef, baked ham, and bbq every day with other daily specials. And they have a large selection of sides to choose from.



2725 Clifton Avenue, Nashville, TN 37209    615-329-4418

Just 5 minutes from downtown and ample parking, this restaurant seats 110 people, so it’s doubtful you’ll ever have to wait for a seat. They have a large selection of meats as well as daily specials, fried corn bread, and lots of desserts to choose from. They are open from 11am to 8pm daily.


Johnny Cash’s Kitchen and Saloon

121 3rd Avenue S., Nashville, TN 37201   615-20-9504

They serve breakfast from 9am to noon. Lunch and dinner starts at noon. It’s cafeteria-style. Meat, 2 sides, and bread choice are $14.99, so it’s a bit pricier than the other meat-n-3s. In addition to their daily entrees, they offer daily specials. 

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